Application instructions for your official laptop skin

You will need the following tools to get started: sharp scissors, pen/pencil, ruler, adhesive tape and cleaning cloth.

  • Clean your laptop surface application area with a cleaning cloth. This is important to prevent bubbles when applying the skin. Ensure you are in a dust-free environment.
  • Lay the skin on a soft flat surface so the official skin is facing down. Now lay your laptop on top of the skin so the bottom of the laptop is facing you. Ensure your laptop is centralized on the skin. Using a pencil, draw a line around the laptop to outline the trimming area.

Tip: Advice for trimming: Don’t cut the exact size at the beginning. Try to leave some extra space (about 1-2mm) to avoid over cropping the skin.

  • Using some low-strength tape, lightly place the skin on the application area and apply the tape centrally to hold it down. Here you can make any final adjustments to the trim to ensure a good fit. As the official skin design is centralized, remember to trim equally around each side. For example; if you need to trim two centimeters from the side, ensure you trim one centimeter from each side to even it up and keep it central.
  • Now you ready to start applying the skin. Your skin is already in position so we are almost there.
  • Gently lift the back vinyl a few inches and try not to touch the adhesive; using your scissors, cut the backing vinyl away just before the half way mark. As your skin is already held in position with the tape, you can simply place the skin onto the surface and lightly place the skin there. Do not firmly press down on the skin yet.
  • Remove the tape gently and do the same for the rest of the vinyl (repeat step 5) and gently lay it down in position. Once you are happy with the position, using your hands or a soft cloth, firmly press down on the skin to activate the adhesive system and push out any bubbles or creases. The adhesive system is pressure activated so when you press down with some force it will hold it firmly in place and allow you to push out bubbles for a smooth finish.
  • All done, enjoy your official laptop skin.